• Krap Invaders 5
  • Freestyle jam
  • At The JamBO
  • Parkour / Freerunning
  • Skate
  • Bmx / Mtb
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The 2014 edition will amaze you!

The Krap Invaders 5 will be held in Bologna, during "The JamBO" exhibition,
3 days of trainings, workshop, competitions and fun, with parkour, bmx, skateboarding and music.

Camping Area

Close to the Exhibition area there is a camping were all the athletes will stay, place your tent and join the relax in the swimming pool.

Freestyle Jam

Free trainings, workshops, challenges, this and more at the krap invaders 5 in Bologna.

Indoor area

The main freestyle park will be outside, but there is a 8000 square meters indoor area equiped for all disciplines.

Music & Party

On the other hand, we denounce with righteo us indignation and dislike men who are so asure of the moment.

The JamBO

This year "The JamBO" Exhibition has 4 main activites going on, check out the best of the Italian and European Freestyle



Bmx / Mtb


Krap Invaders Special Guests

Every year a few international athletes are invited at the Krap Invaders, for three days you can share with them trainings, contests and the party!

Luis Alkmim


From Portugal

Vittorio Galli

Vittorio Galli


From Italy

Who's next?


Kie Willis


From United Kingdom

Diego Caverzasi

Diego Caverzasi


From Italy

Who's next?


Krap Invaders is one of the biggest freestyle jam in the world

Athletes for Italy and all over the world join the event and show their skills at the audiece, but they're always happy to share them with other athletes


Youtube views

Days of Fun

Square Meters

Tickets Prices

If you want to join the event and have the best experience ever you can book in advance and be with us 3 days long

Lunch and Dinner are not included

Check the address ! click for google map

tel. +393403709849 - info@krapinvaders.com

Address: Piazza della Costituzione 6, 40127 Bolognafiere